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Culantro, Recao, Eryngium foetidum Seeds

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 Eryngium foetidum is a tropical perennial and annual herb in the family Apiaceae. Common names include recao, culantro, Mexican coriander and long or broadleaf coriander.

Our “Recao”, common name in Puerto Rico Islands, is produced totally in our little farm. We grow from traditional seeds and fertilize with natural composting. ANY CHEMICAL is added during any production process phase. These are untreated seeds that means are clean and have not been treated using any chemical, biological, or physical method.

E. foetidum is widely used in seasoning and marinating in the Caribbean, particularly in Panama, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago, and in Peru's Amazon regions. It is also used extensively in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Laos, and other parts of Asia as a culinary herb. It dries well, retaining good color and flavor, making it valuable in the dried herb industry. It is sometimes used as a substitute for cilantro (coriander in British English), but it has a much stronger taste.

Packaged for the current season season. Packet comes with growing instructions.

These are heirloom, open pollinated seeds. NON GMO.

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