USPS First Class Packages: Shipping service chosen items weighting between 0.1 oz - 16 oz. Delivery in 4-6 days for USA and 2-3 days for Puerto Rico.

Package weight: 0.1-8 oz.         $2.65

Package weight: 8.1-12 oz.       $3.45

Package weight: 12.1-16 oz.      $3.65

USPS Priority Mail Packages: Shipping service chosen for items weighting more than one pound. Delivery in 3-5 days for USA and 1-2 days for Puerto Rico.

Package weight: 1.0-2.0 lb         $6.45

Package weight: +2 lb               $9.99

Free Shipping (USPS Priority Mail package): Shipping services chosen for all wholesale seed packet orders.