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Dragon Fruit Hilocereus undatus Pitahaya Cutting

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General Plant Information: Hylocereus undatus (White-fleshed Pitahaya) is a species of Cactaceae and is the most cultivated species in the genus. It is used both as an ornamental vine and as a fruit crop - the Pitahaya or Dragon fruit.

Hylocereus undatus is propagated by stem cutting or (rarely) by seed. Should be sown in well-drained compost.

It is used both as an ornamental vine and as a fruit crop. The fruits are round beautiful with an intense color and shape, of 1 kg or more and a delicious light melon-like taste, often they red colored fruit with prominent scales. The thin rind encloses the large mass of sweetly flavored translucent white pulp and small black seeds. To eat the fruit serve chilled and cut in half. Scoop out the flesh and seeds much like a kiwi fruit. It is also used to flavor drinks and pastries. Unopened flower buds are cooked and eaten as vegetables.

Growing requirements:
SUN: Full Sun
WATER: Medium
ADULT SIZE: 8-10 feet tall
HARVEST TIME: 12 months

The plant may be sowing in a pot (>3 gallons) to grow as indoor plant in places below USDA hardiness zones 9. The plant do not tolerate frost.

Product Details: This is a young seedling plant cutting. Approximately 6-8 inches tall. Instructions for planting and care is included in package.

Shipping details: We do shipments by USPS (2-5 days). To ensure a continuous transit by mail and to protect the plants we send live plants from Monday to Wednesday.

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