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Composta/Compost 2 lb

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Compost 2 pound package. Made in our garden from green and dry vegetative materials.

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. This process recycles various organic materials otherwise regarded as waste products and produces a soil conditioner (the compost).

Compost is rich in nutrients. It is used, for example, in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, urban agriculture and organic farming. The compost itself is beneficial for the land in many ways, including as a soil conditioner, a fertilizer, addition of vital humus or humic acids, and as a natural pesticide for soil. In ecosystems, compost is useful for erosion control, land and stream reclamation, wetland construction, and as landfill cover.


Composta paquete de 2 libras. Hecho en nuestro jardin a partir de materiales vegetativos verdes y secos.

La composta es materia organica que ha sido descompuesta en un proceso llamado compostaje. Este proceso recicla varios materiales organicos y produce un acondicionador de suelo llamado composta.

La composta es rica en nutrientes. Es usada en jardines, landscaping, horticultura, agricultura urbana y fincas organicas. La composta es beneficiosa y puede usarse de diversas maneras, como acondicionador de suelo, como fertilizante natural, para anadir humus y acido humico y como pesticida natural, para la recuperacion de suelos, proporcionar humedad al suelo y como covertor de suelo.