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Banana/Guineo Musa paradisiaca Bulb

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General Plant Information: Banana is a tropical tree-like herb, with large leaves of which the overlapping bases form the so-called false trunk. Fully grown, the stem reaches a height of 8 to 10 feet.
From the center of the crown spring the flowers. Only female flowers develop into a banana fruit that vary in length from about 4 - 12 inches. The average weight of a bunch is about 25 lbs.
Each banana plant bears fruit only once.
The propagation is through shoots from the rhizomes, since most of the seeds species are sterile.
The unripe fruit of banana, rich in starch, is cooked as food or dried and ground into flour. The fruit of the plantain (cooking banana) is larger, coarser and less sweet than the kinds that are eaten raw.
On ripening of the fruit, the starch turns into sugar.

Growing requirements:
SUN: Full Sun
WATER" Medium
FOLIAGE: Evergreen
ADULT SIZE : 8-10 feet tall
HARVEST TIME: 12 months

The plant may be sowing in a pot (>5 gallons) to grow as indoor plant in places below USDA hardiness zones 9. The plant do not tolerate frost.

Product Details: This is a young seedling bulb. Bulbs rhizome are cleaned with a preparation of water and vinegar (10:1) to prevent plant disease and to promote a healthy growth. Package contain one live bulb of approximately 6-10 inches long. Instructions for planting and care is included in package.

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