Peat Foam Growing Medium Seed Starter (2 Sheets - 264 cubes total)

$ 9.99

Peatfoam Growing Medium is a low density seed starting substrate that provide exact control of retention of air, water and drainage. It gives an optimal support to the plant keeping a permanent control of the radicular conditions.

Easy to use. Just put one or two seeds by cube and keep the medium wet and in a warm place. In a few days you will see how your seeds sprout and roots development development. After 10-12 day of germination the plants must be transplanted to a definitive place like hydroponics, aquaponics systems or directly into others substrates like soil mixes.

Dimension of the sheet: 24 x 25 cm

Dimension of each cube: 2 x 2.2 x 3.8 cm

Package contain two sheets

Cubes quantity in a sheet: 132 cubes

Total Cubes quantity: 264 cubes

Shipping weight: 2.0 lb