Plectranthus Variegatus Cuban Variegated Thyme Oregano Variegado Seedling Plant

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General Plant Information: Plectranthus variegatus is a large succulent herb, fleshy and highly aromatic, much branched, possessing short soft erect hairs, with distinctive smelling leaves. The stem is fleshy, about 30–90 cm, either with long rigid hairs (hispidly villous) or tomentose (densely covered with soft, short and erect hairs, pubescent). Leaves are undivided (simple), broad, egg/oval-shaped with a tapering tip (ovate) and very thick, they are pubescent (thickly studded with hairs), with the lower surface possessing the most numerous glandular hairs, giving a frosted appearance. The taste of this leaf is pleasantly aromatic with agreeable and refreshing odour.

The leaves are strongly flavoured and make an excellent addition to stuffings for meat and poultry. Finely chopped, they can also be used to flavour meat dishes, especially beef, lamb and game.

Other uses include as an ornamental, and for its essential oils.

Propagation is via stem cuttings. To encourage a bushy plant, cut the tip of the top, insert into the soil and instantly, you have another plant as the cutting will grow within days.

Growing requirements:




Full sun






24-36 inches tall

The plant may be sowing in a pot (>2 gallons) to grow as indoor plant in places below USDA hardiness zones 9. The plant do not tolerate frost.

Product Details: This is a young seedling plant, Comes in a 3 inches pot. (No bare roots) Strong and well developed roots system. Plant is about 4-6 inches tall. Instructions for planting and care is included in package.

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