Peatfoam Growing Medium Seed Starter Sheet of 60 cubes

$ 2.99

General Product Information: Peatfoam Growing Medium is a low density seed starting substrate that provide exact control of retention of air, water and drainage. It gives an optimal support to the plant keeping a permanent control of the radicular conditions.

Directons to use: Just insert a small cutting or put one or two seeds into the cube hole. Keep the medium wet in a warm place. In a few days you will see how your seeds sprout and the roots development. After 10-12 day of germination the plants must be transplanted to a definitive place like hydroponics, aquaponics systems or directly into others substrates like soil mixes.

This growing medium is perfect to grow small cuttings and small seeds like herbs,  lettuces, tomatoes and peppers.

Package contain one sheet with 60 perforations.

Dimension of the sheet: 8" x 4.5" x 1.5"

Dimension of each cube: 0.75"  x 0.75"  x 1.5"

Shipping weight: 8.0 oz