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Higuera 'Crescentia Portorricencis' Seeds

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Product Detail: Package contains 25 seeds. Germination rate 85%. Purity 99%. Package includes instructions for planting.

General Plant Information: Crescentia portorricensis popularly known as Higuera de sierra is an endemic shrub from Puerto Rico. During the pre-colonial period its fruit was used by taino natives to make tools,  handcrafts and vessels. After Puerto Rico colonization the first puertorricans people called 'Criollos' continued using this fruit to make kitchen utensils.

Today the Higuera is a threatened plant species due to the destruction of its natural habitat.

Growing requirements:




Full Sun






10 ft.

Information for planting:

  • Days to emerge: 14 days
  • Seed depth: 1/4 inches
  • Seed spacing:10 feet

Information about our seeds: Most of our seeds come from traditional crops that farmers have cultivated for many years on natural managed lands. These seeds are not GMO, do not chemically or biologically treated and are processed with minimal mechanization.  Seeds are hand selected, prepared and packaged.

Shipping details: We do shipments by First Class Mail Services (2-5 days). To keep you informed we will to send shipping updates regularly or a tracking number and you can track your package through

Guarantee: Seeds are living products that depend on many factors such as proper planting time and technique, depth of sowing, soil, proper germination environment, fertility, disease control, insect control, and reasonable weather for direct sown seeds. If any of these factors are not right, it may cause the seed to not perform and because most, if not all, of these are out of our control, most of the success of these seeds is in the hands of the grower. If they have been cared for properly and still fail to grow, we will replace the seed, one time.



Descripcion del producto: El paquete contiene 25 semillas. 85% de germinacion, 99% pureza. Instrucciones de siembra incluidas en el paquete,

Informacion General:

La Crescentia portorricensis popularmente conocida como higuera de sierra es un arbusto endemico de Puerto Rico. Durante la epoca pre-colombina sus frutos fueron utilizado por los indios tainos para la elaboracion de artesanias, vasijas y herramientas. Luego de la colonizacion espanola este fruto versatil siguio siendo utilizado por los criollos, en especial para hacer utensilios de cocina.

Hoy dia la Higuera es una especie amenazada debido a la destruccion de su habitat natural.

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