Grafted Moon Cactus

$ 9.99

Product Description:

Grafted Cactus
Color: Red
Diameter of Pot: 7cm
Lenght of Plant: 15cm

– It is resistant to cold weather conditions; but it shows rapid development in warm weather.
– As all the plants, it’s need for water vary according to the environment; in warm places, it needs more water than in cold places.

-Irrigation shouldn’t be more often than 15 days.  The plant’s water demand can be understood from the dryness of it’s soil. Dry soils are lighter and moist soils are in more black color. While the soil is moist, then plant should not be given water.

-Overdose irrigation will lead to the death of the cactus.
-It likes plenty of light.
-Repotting should not be done too often because it is a slow growing plant. The pots larger or smaller than the needs of the plant should not be used.