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Cocopeat Block Growing Medium

$ 3.99

Product detail

This Cocopeat block is an organic growing medium with a measures of 6" x 4" x 2" and a dry weight of 1 pound. May be used mixed with other substrates as a seed starting mix, potting mix or as a growing medium for horticulture, floriculture, hydroponics and general gardening.


Cocopeat is a multi purpose growing medium made out of coconut husk. The fibrous coconut husk is pre washed, machine dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contaminations such as animal and plant residue. Cocopeat is a very good alternative to traditional peat moss and Rock wool. Its air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it, an ideal growing medium for the plant crops. It is 100% organic and eco friendly, free from soil borne pathogen and weed. It has a pH of 5.7 – 6.5 is ideal for plant growth.

Using cocopeat

Cocopeat is shipped in compressed form. Converting cocopeat blocks to coir dust is easy. All you need to do is add water to the block and the block will puff up into moist fluffy cocopeat. Just add sufficient water to the block to make sufficient quantity of moist cocopeat. You can put away the unexpanded block for later use.

     If you need to expand the whole block, immerse the block in a tub capable of holding at least 5 litres of water. Remove the wet expanded cocopeat that floats in the water, while continuing to add water to the tub till the complete block is expanded.

   Using cocopeat for potting mix: Mix the expanded cocopeat with leaf mould or homemade organic manure in the ratio of 1:1. Add red soil or sand in small quantities for large plants, otherwise the cocopeat will not be able to hold the weight of the plants as they grow. Red soil tends to compact over time (despite the cocopeat), so take care not to mix more than one third of the mix. For germination, mix cocopeat, leaf mould and sand in the ratio of 1:1:1. If you are using commercial organic manure, it would be better to mix cocopeat and organic manure in the ratio of 10:1 as commercial organic manures are often of high strength.

   Using cocopeat as hydroponics medium: For hydroponics, it is better to throughly wash and buffer the cocopeat before use as most of the nutrient formula available on the web are not meant for growing in coir. First expand the cocopeat block as instructed earlier. Wash the expanded cocopeat in a large tub of soft water for a few minutes. The cocopeat is now ready for use as a hydroponics medium.