20 Led Solar Light Motion Sensor Wall Light Outdoor Security Lamp

$ 10.99


- Easy installation: No wiring needed.
- PIR plus Light Sensor: When it turns dark, the light is activated by movement which is detected within 10 ft and 120 degree. If no further movement is detected within 30 seconds then the light is off automatically.
- Excellent illumination: It turn the dark space into a bright lighted one, which is a perfect choice to be used in garden, fence, patio, deck, yard, driveway, stairs, outside wall etc.
- Invisible switch: The "on/off" hole was designed for waterproof reason. Just use the supplied key pin to insert the switch - hole. When hearing the "click", the lighting system is unlocked.
- Eco-Friendly: This light is charged by exposing to sunlight in day for around 8 hours. Then its rechargeable Li-ion battery can store the power for working at night.
- Waterproof and Durable: This light is waterproof and durable with solid hard plastic construction which can withstand years of usage.

- Li-ion battery: 900mAH
- Voltage: 3.7V
- LED power: 1W,5000K to 5500K
- Night sensor:10Lux Auto identify day or night 
- PIR (Motion) detection angle and distance: 120°, 10ft.
- Delay time: 30s.
- Switch: OFF/AUTO
- Lighting mode: ON / OFF
- Lumen: 21-23LM
- Color: Black