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Aji Sabrosito - Tasty Sweet Pepper Seed Packet

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Product Detail: Package contains 50 seeds. Germination rate 85%. Purity 99%. Package includes instructions for planting.

General Plant Infomation: This is a small round shaped pepper variety like a cherry in size. It have a strong smoky flavor and a soft to milder hot taste. Used to seasoning stew, soups, and beans.The fruit of aji sabrosito can be used green or ripe, and it can be seeded and frozen for use over the winter, a technique that also preserves its rich flavor much better than drying. It is a small, light green pepper that turns red (or yellow) if left long enough on the plant.

Growing requirements:




Full sun







Information for planting:

  • Days to emerge: 7 days
  • Seed depth: 1/4 inches
  • Seed spacing: 24 inches
  • Row: 36 inches
  • Harvest time: 70 days

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Guarantee: Seeds are living products that depend on many factors such as proper planting time and technique, depth of sowing, soil, proper germination environment, fertility, disease control, insect control, and reasonable weather for direct sown seeds. If any of these factors are not right, it may cause the seed to not perform and because most, if not all, of these are out of our control, most of the success of these seeds is in the hands of the grower. If they have been cared for properly and still fail to grow, we will replace the seed, one time.

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